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Vulnerability assessment is the first step to be taken to increase the overall security level of networks and systems. We can divide cybercriminals into 2 distinct categories: attackers with a clear goal and target and the opportunists. Conducting a vulnerability assessment allows us to see the network and systems the way these opportunistic attackers would see them.

Comodo provides a number of automated tools to perform vulnerability assessments, including Comodo's HackerGuardian and Web Inspector solutions. However, Dragon Labs provides much more than any automated tool can offer.

Dragon Labs conducts vulnerability assessment engagements in accordance with the NSA INFOSEC Assessment Methodology (IAM). Dragon Labs also implements a cyclic approach to vulnerability assessment, making sure you are always a few steps in front of the opportunists out there.

The approach used by Dragon Labs is summarized in this flowchart

Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability assessment solutions by Dragon Labs
Vulnerability Scanning

Automated vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability assessment

House Vulnerability Assessment Process

Consultancy for the implementation of an in-house vulnerability assessment process