Comodo Penetration Tests will identify critical attack paths present in your network infrastructure and provide expert, considered advice to eliminate these threats. Each test is carried out by a highly qualified security analyst attempting to bypass security weaknesses to determine exactly how and where your infrastructure can be compromised.

After each test, you'll receive a comprehensive report describing the tests and techniques that were executed by our analysts along with detailed explanations of any exploitable weaknesses that were discovered. In addition to the in-depth analysis of your current security posture, our reports also provide you with thoroughgoing risk mitigation advice.

Security Analysts

Comprehensive audit

Comprehensive audit of your perimeter security carried out by professional security analysts

Security Vulnerabilities

Detailed reports

Detailed reports provide an exhaustive assessment of current security vulnerabilities

Social Engineering

Advanced hacking

Goes beyond automated vulnerability scanning to examine your systems using advanced hacking and social engineering techniques

Security vulnerabilities

Expert advice

Reports also feature expert, customer-specific, advice to help fix vulnerabilities and prevent unauthorized system access

Comodo Dragon Labs

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