Security Compliance

Comodo Penetration Testing provides a compliance service that effectively supports business areas in their duty to comply with relevant laws and regulations and internal procedures


The National Institute of Standards and Technology has published several documents related to computer security. These define a baseline for building a company's overall security posture.

In addition to our leveraging our extensive experience, Dragon Labs helps companies become more secure by providing consultancy based on several critical NIST publications.

  • SP 800-153

    Guidelines for Securing
    Wireless Local Area
    Networks (WLANs)

  • SP 800-144

    Guidelines on Security
    and Privacy in Public
    Cloud Computing

  • SP 800-137

    I. S. C. M. for Federal
    Information Systems
    and Organizations

  • SP 800-128

    Guide for Security-Focused
    Configuration Management
    of Information Systems

  • SP 800-125

    Guide to Security for
    Full Virtualization

  • SP 800-123

    Guide to General
    Server Security

  • SP 800-119

    Guidelines for the
    Secure Deployment
    of IPv6

  • SP 800-113

    Guide to SSL VPNs

  • SP 800-98

    Guidelines for Securing
    Radio Frequency
    Identification (RFID)

  • SP 800-95

    Guide to Secure
    Web Services

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