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Recent improvements in security solutions have made it more difficult for attackers to just "hack their way in". In response, attackers are increasingly using social engineering attacks to gain access to your network and assets.

Social engineering attacks are constantly evolving and increasing in effectiveness. Just like "hackers" we see two main kinds of social engineering attacks; those that are targeted at specific individuals and resources and those that aren't.

Dragon Labs provides several different types of social engineering attacks that aim to understand the security awareness level of employees and help plan training needed to increase it.

  • Targeted phishing

    Phishing attacks that target a specific department or an employee profile

  • Phishing attacks

    Deceptive emails, supposedly from a reliable source, sent to email addresses harvested from the Internet. Scenarios vary depending on the scope of the engagement

  • Physical social

    Social engineering attack scenarios that use physical vectors such as phone, visit to target sites and USB sticks

  • Spear phishing attacks

    Social engineering attacks aimed to higher executives or employees who have access to critical data such as system administrators

  • Social media attacks

    Dragon Labs has developed a number of scenarios that leverage social media

Dragon Labs offers the following services to increase awareness and security posture against social engineering attacks
Phishing Tests

Phishing tests

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Comprehensive social engineering tests

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Security awareness training for employees

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Security awareness training for executives