Comodo Penetration Testing provides a compliance service that effectively supports business areas in their duty to comply with relevant laws and regulations and internal procedures


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions are crucial for the security posture of any organization. You need to know what's happening around and inside your perimeter.

SIEM solutions operate on the principle that critical data about security are produced at different locations and by different sources. SIEM solutions centralize this data and proceed with helpful correlation functions to determine if a certain scenario is in progress.

During the penetration testing engagements we have conducted over the years we have notice that SIEM solutions seldom produce the relevant and vital alerts they should and instead quickly turn into an expensive storage for logs.

Dragon Labs offer several services that improve the efficiency of your SIEM solutions and help you gain a better view on your perimeter with the investments you already have. SIEM solutions can help your company in a wide range of subjects from compliance to cyber-attacks.

  • 1st

    Consulting for SIEM
    solution acquisition

  • 2nd

    Assessing attack
    and event scenarios

  • 3rd

    Defining critical
    logs and alerts

  • 4th

    Testing the current
    SIEM installation

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