Comodo Penetration Testing provides a compliance service that effectively supports business areas in their duty to comply with relevant laws and regulations and internal procedures


Security investments rarely are "plug & play" devices. Security today must keep up with the constantly changing perimeter and threat landscape. During our many penetration testing assignments we have found that a large portion of security measures in place are not configured correctly or the current configuration isn't suitable for the actual network topology. You cannot afford to wait for disaster to learn that.

Our security management service helps companies get more for their money from their current information security investments and have a better investment plan for the future. Calculating ROI (Return on Investment) regarding security appliances can be difficult, making difficult to justify security investments. Unfortunately, such decisions usually rely on vendor literature and previous breach experiences that do not provide rather than an objective cost/benefit analysis.

Dragon Labs starts with a detailed analysis of the benefits provided by the existing security infrastructure. Tests and analysis conducted at this stage provide the basis for future investment decisions as it's possible to have estimates of the marginal benefit of each investment. Do you really need an IPS? Do you need that firewall upgrade? What anti-virus should you choose? These are all questions that can and need to be answered with objective criteria

  • 1st

    Consulting and vendor
    neutral buying advice

  • 2nd

    New investment

  • 3rd

    Threat modeling

  • 4th

    Analysis of the current
    security investments

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