Comodo Penetration Testing provides a compliance service that effectively supports business areas in their duty to comply with relevant laws and regulations and internal procedures


DoS/DDoS (Denial of service / Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are increasing in intensity and become more damaging. Such attacks on ecommerce sites disrupt service and cause revenue and reputation loss. They are also used by so called "hacktivist" groups who target government agencies and private corporations for political purposes.

To survive DoS/DDoS attacks with minimal loss, you must be prepared and have effective measures in place. Whether your ISP (Internet Service Provider) offers you DoS/DDoS protection or you have invested in a commercial solution, it needs to be tested.

As DoS/DDoS attacks evolve, they are no longer limited to high traffic and can take several different forms. We see botnets, "hacktivist" attacks using the notorious LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Canon) and even carefully planned layer 7 DoS attacks. Multiple scenarios must be tested and actions taken based on findin

  • 1st
    Attack test

    Layer 2 DoS attacks on
    wireless networks

  • 2nd
    Attack test

    Layer 4 DoS/
    DDoS attacks

  • 3rd
    Attack test

    Layer 7 DoS/
    DDoS attacks

  • 4th
    Attack test

    DoS attacks targeting
    the application logic

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