What makes us different

Comodo Penetration Testing services simulate a highly skilled and motivated hacker in their attempts to access your organization's financial, customer and other sensitive data.

Over 230 manual controls for a web site and over a thousand checks for a network? Not a big deal, we're just thorough.

We’ve never seen an article about an information security breach that started with “after a vulnerability scan, hackers have infiltrated the network/hacked the site”. Automated tools are not bad, but they are insufficient. When we decided to provide penetration testing services we knew we needed to provide more than just automated vulnerability scans.

We needed to model the way bad guys really worked. So we've introduced the Dragon Labs penetration testing methodology. This manual contains around 5000 different controls that cover every possible scenario from websites to network, from SCADA systems to VoIP.

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Global or Local, we are where you are

Dragon Labs currently has offices in North America, Europe, Middle-East and Asia. Whether your business has several branches spread across the world or you might just be a hot new startup that needs to make sure its source code is secure, Dragon Labs can scale up or down as you need.

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Viruses and Malwares

We’ve seen things…

Viruses, malware and APTs, we've seen them all. We have compiled our vast experience to provide you with a better understanding of the threats that can harm your business.

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